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Local Agriculture and Sustainable Living

Our work is to provide healthy local produce to the local consumers by bridging the gap that has grown over the last 40 years between farmers of the land and consumers of the food.

We believe that produce grown in a simpler, less industrialized way, creates food for healthier family meals. This is the basis of all well-being and therefore through our choices we can begin to see the change that is needed for a sustainable agricultural system and future generation’s health.

Choosing naturally grown, pesticide-free, organic, locally grown produce builds stronger communities by supporting those who are at the root of our food system. It is imperative that we support those who work the land in a traditional and non-exploitive way. 
Adjusting the size of our weekly shopping basket as well as understanding the process and product could make all the difference to a healthier society and planet.



Our Move to Manikata

The last few months has seen an interesting transition for us. We are now settling into our new home in the rural countryside of Manikata. Just at the entrance to the Majjistral Nature Park.

We are now OPEN and back ready to provide to you the BEST local, sesaonal and ORGANIC produce from this beautiful island.

We not only support Maltese farmers but work to encourage consumers to choose local and be more aware about their impact as citizens. 

OUR OPENING hours for FREHLY HARVESTED vegetables 


The Veg Box Green Team

July 2019

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